Job Interview #1

Well it happened.

I landed a job interview (group interview) with Allen’s Real Estate! I won’t go into detailed but it was a fun experience with 15 odd people and must say it was a very friendly environment. I was most impressed with the relationship the team had with one another, in such a pressure environment they managed to keep the mood rather light hearted. On the conclusion of the group interview I felt very positive about my performance and believed that I would proceed to the next stage.

I know if I should still be applying to positions but after feeling so positive with the interview, I don’t think its necessary any more!

UPDATE: Got a call to move have a 1-on-1 interview with the owner. Going to be a busy weekend, need to make sure I am ready. If all goes well, I will be looking to sign up to a Agents Representation Course somewhere.

Applied Job #3

Company: Collection House Limited
Role: Debt Collections Officer
Listed: 19/02/2016

  • Entry level Collection Officer
  • Based in CBD & Inner Suburbs Melbourne
Job Description

Finding a job

Stepping into the job market and looking for a new position in a new company is tough especially given the current climate – the unemployment rate has risen to 6.0% in Jan’ 16 from 5.8 in Dec’ 15. Regardless, I am going to be applying and applying to find something.

Currently I am doing ‘Stock Replenishment’ at a super market, not exciting by any means and a job with not much future prospects (least I get penalty pay) unless I consider climbing up the rungs towards more of a management role. I keep saying job this and job that but what I really mean is that I yearn to start my career.

I really wonder how many jobs I will need to apply to get my foot into the door.

Will be listing all the jobs I apply to here on this blog, noting all the success albeit failures that go along with this entire process.

Challenge On!


Applied Job #2

Company: Allens Estate Agents
Role: Real Estate Sales
Listed: 19/02/2016

  • Entry level Real Estate Sales Position
  • Based in South East Melbourne
Job Description

Applied Job #1

Company: Rush Rogers HR Solutions
Role: Team Administrator
Listed: 19/02/2016

  • Entry level Recruitment Role – Talent Acquisition
  • Based in CBD & Inner Suburbs Melbourne
Job Description